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Single Sex Law Schools?

An insightful (and concerned) colleague of mine has noted the paucity of female participants in this mobblog – and for her it reflects, more generally, the ways in which women’s voices are underrepresented in the law school community.  So let me throw up a surely controversial idea for discussion.  Is there a place for a single sex, women’s law school?   Might it have secondary effects on student participation, faculty-student interaction, and development of both analytical skills and community commitments?  Could it eventually lead to  increased numbers of women in leadership positions within both law and the legal academy?  Or perhaps…a more gender diverse legal blogitariat?

The folks from Smith College certainly would think so:

In a recent study by Indiana University’s Center for Postsecondary Research, far more students at women’s colleges reported having regular interaction with faculty members than those at coed institutions. They also reported with greater frequency that their colleges helped them learn more about themselves, hone their quantitative analysis skills and develop a desire to help their communities.