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Here Comes the Muxtape

Making a mixtape is so 1980s. Now you can make a muxtape:

[On the site,] you can upload . . . what the kids call playlists. [The program then streams the mp3s you chose on a url you pick.] I am not sure of the legal issues, but the system is smart enough to automatically link your songs to to buy the mp3.

Only time will tell if this becomes a tolerated use. Kudos to the shifted librarian for catching the trend 2 months ago.

9 thoughts on “Here Comes the Muxtape”

  1. Off the cuff, I think one difference that is getting monetized, muxtape gets a cut for the referral, and amazon and the artist (hopefully) gets a cut too. It appears that Amazon is also getting a cut for hosting, because muxtape is using S3, their web service offering.

  2. I have no idea if law profs read that blog. I figured that they don’t, because all of the action is in the 100+ comment threads.

    Mix CD coming your way! I have an intellectual disagreement with Bruce Boyden about whether that’s fair use. I actually am not really of the Napster generation (CD burners were really expensive in college; dial-up was slow), so I don’t have a too egregious relationship to copyright law. But I remember making mix tapes (so 1999!) and taping songs from the radio (so 1989!) and so I figure the mix CD can’t be that bad. And how else do I share protected singles I download from Itunes , and why else do I download singles if not to make mix tapes!

    I’ll make you a Rockin’ Out In Jersey CD!

  3. So Frank will now listen to classic rock like it is 1986? Maybe he already does but that is wild at some level.

  4. I am thinking it must include both “Born In the USA” and “Dancing In The Dark” and I already have My Chemical Romance and Whitney Houston and Sinatra.

    For more on New Jersey music, which I _just_ googled now, go here:

    Actually, I have about half of the artists mentioned. I am thinking that Jersey beats Seattle and Orange County for the boring-suburbs-begets-awesome-music phenomenon.

  5. You’ve made my day! I can’t wait for the Jersey rock. One summer in Cape May i bought Robert Coles’s Bruce Springsteen’s America: The People Listening, a Poet Singing. And of course there’s that great ravine scene in Garden State–there’s actually a bizarre land form much like it right behind the concrete jungle of high-rises, highways, and train tracks where I live.

  6. I see miles and miles of Bon Jovi and big, I mean truly massive, hair in the works.

    And Belle, is Jersey now a suburb?

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