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Favorite Non-Legal Blogs

All of us here at madisonian have been tagged by Ann Bartow with the five Favorite Non-Legal Blogs meme. Speaking only for myself, of course, here goes:

Interesting Times, by George Packer. From Iraq to St. Paul, consistently insightful and provocative.

This Blog Sits at the Intersection of Anthropology and Economics, by Grant McCracken. It’s all about making and managing meaning.

Dan Cohen’s Digital Humanities Blog. The title explains.

Null Space. All the data you can eat, so to speak, on Pittsburgh’s economic woes, from my Pitt colleague Chris Briem.

Blog-Lebo. A little unfair, this one is, because it’s mine. This is the oldest and by a wide margin most widely-read community blog in my town. Of all my blogging ventures, this one is by far the most interesting (in many different senses), and it probably has had the greatest impact on a community.

I’m supposed to tag five more legal bloggers. How about: Bill McGeveran, Lisa Fairfax, Jonathan Zittrain, Jeff Lipshaw, and Dennis Crouch.