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For just $125 this inflatable crime scene can be yours!

Here. Suitable for, well, not really anything I can think of, but Walmart is marketing it as a Halloween product. And maybe criminal law clinics could use it for simulations the rest of the year. Potential accessories include “Stabbo the Clown” for $58 perfectly good dollars that you could otherwise use to buy a whole lot of cheap wine or one really good bottle.

Just thought I’d say hello, and thank everybody on the Madisonian roster for allowing me to join up. I’ll add a little “Southern” to the perspective here, maybe, and the weirdness factor will probably escalate a bit too.

2 thoughts on “For just $125 this inflatable crime scene can be yours!”

  1. Hey Ann — thank *you* for joining up!!!

    And I’m all for Southern perspective + escalating the weirdness factor a bit. Flannery O’Connor is one of my favorite authors. 🙂

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