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“The Bush Boom: How a Misunderestimated President Fixed a Broken Economy” by Jerry Bowyer

This book, published in 2003,  is apparently NOT SATIRICAL! Over at, the customer reviews are illuminating. Below I’ve re-published a couple:

This book has a very interesting premise, which is that common sense and experienced reality are both false. Many, many Americans, from the working poor to the middle class, are experiencing economic distress, smaller paychecks, higher college costs, and uncertain employment prospects. Average Americans, Joe Sixpacks, do not see a good economic picture.

Bowyer and Kudlow, however, would have us ignore all of this and try to convince us that Bush’s policies, which have failed to yield solid results by any standard economic measures, have actually already produced a boom. They use very convoluted and hard-to-follow arguments, with very little reflection of fact, to try to convince the reader that Bush is an economic genius.

As a serious study of current political economy, this book is a joke. As an example of the total disconnection of conservatives with basic human reality, however, it is a tour de force.


Hahahahahaha! Haha, hahahaha ha hahahaha, hahahaha.

Seriously, I think this might be the best inauguration day present ever. I’m sure you can probably find a stack of them in a dumpster somewhere… peel the leaf of wilted lettuce from the cover, wipe a little garbage juice from the spine and voila!


This author is absolutely brilliant. He was able to completely write this entire book on opposite day, which makes the book 100% correct.

Shockingly, it appears that this tome is no longer in print. So you’ll have to get it from you local library, or borrow it from one of your nut job neighbors.

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  1. Well, for the 13% of the country that still give Cheney a favorable rating, this could be the perfect xmas present. I’m surprised Greg Mankiw didn’t blurb it.

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