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In right of publicity news, Gene Simmons objects to his likeness appearing on skis without his permission, which seems neither surprising nor controversial.  The fact that Gene Simmons has an image worth protecting is noteworthy, however.  Count KISS among those 70s acts (along with the Village People, Gloria Gaynor, and John Travolta) whose cultural impact has persisted far, far longer than anyone could ever have anticipated or desired. 

The Skiing Simmons conflict does call out some strange mental imagery (beginning with the idea of Gene Simmons on skis, and continuing with Gene Simmons speaking about Gene Simmons in the third person), which is reinforced by the headline supplied by some wit at the Times:  “Ski Maker’s Idea for a Tribute Is Met With a Scolding Tongue.”  I am involuntarily reimagining a winter sports-oriented Gene Simmons as Flick, tongue stuck to the flagpole, in A Christmas Story. Ick.