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“You’ve heard of kosher salt? Now there’s a Christian variety.”

Those are the first two sentences from this I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-satire article, which reports:

Retired barber Joe Godlewski says that when television chefs recommended kosher salt in recipes, he wondered, “What the heck’s the matter with Christian salt?”

By next week, his trademarked Blessed Christians Salt will be available from seasonings manufacturer Ingredients Corporation of America. It’s sea salt that’s been blessed by an Episcopal priest.

The company’s president hopes to market the salt through Christian bookstores. …


1 thought on ““You’ve heard of kosher salt? Now there’s a Christian variety.””

  1. the ‘kosher’ terms comes from the large crystals that are used to process meat according to Jewish law. It has nothing to do with being blessed. Jews do not have any equivalent to holy water and the idea to have a ‘competing’ product that represents ‘christianity’ is absurd. If it was called large crystal salt, there would be no response from a wacky religious group. Right-wing Christians feel like they have to defend themselves against the encroachment of other religious groups even if it is something as mundane as salt.

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