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From the “Choice of Law” paragraph of the Uniblue Registry Booster 2009 License Agreement: “This Licensing Agreement Will Be Governed By The Laws of Malta, Europe Excluding Any Conflict Of Rules Of Law”

That’s paragraph 11. The preamble to the Licensing Agreement says “it is advisable that You print or save a soft copy of this Licensing Agreement for record purposes.” Which I might have done if I could figure out how – I couldn’t even make my Firefox browser super copy the Licensing Agreement, no less print a “soft” copy.

In the CNET tech support forums, participants warn:

I installed “Registry Booster” and did not like it.

It only cleaned up 15 problems and they won’t clean up any more until I purchase it.

Every time I boot up they keep hasseling me to purchase the software.
There is NO UNINSTALL program for this software and no listing in the index or contents to uninstall it.

Beware… this is ZOMBIEWARE !
You can’t kill it.


I also got the free version of Registry Booster. It does not have an uninstall selection in the programs menu, as claimed in the FAQ on Uniblue’s website. I went to Add/Remove Programs, but it doesn’t seem to be listed there.

and numerous others made similar comments. Yet at its home page Uniblue claims to have a “five star user rating” from CNET. I’m thinking that might be five stars out of 100. Anyway, you’ve been warned!