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UGC 3.0 at Columbia

I’ll be talking next Friday at a conference at Columbia on the effects of User-Generated Content.  Here’s the overview:

The rapid increase of user-generated content on the Internet is a source of concern for traditional media firms. Will the YouTubes, Facebooks, Flickrs, Second Lifes and the HuffPos take away significant audience segments on a sustaining basis? What are the ramifications for intellectual property law, for the trust of news sources, for political polarization? Will reputational systems and wikis replace traditional institutional authorities? The symposium will review findings on current web user behavior and on evolving online business models to better understand the contours of these new economic and social realities– let’s call it Web 3.0.

3 thoughts on “UGC 3.0 at Columbia”

  1. You may want to consider avoiding their use of the Web 3.0 moniker (if you were even considering it in the first place). As a general indication that the conference’s focus is on “what’s next” it is not too problematic, but as a specific indicator of some presently-emerging or future phenomena, it may not be useful.

    In my view, there just isn’t an agreed upon definition of what web 3.0 is. Most uses of that term appear to be loosely clustered around two different meanings. The first is what I would call the semantic web cluster. In addition to a fully semantic web, this group also includes ‘intelligent’ software/web agents that gather relevant information within a specified context. the second is centered around the idea that applications and services will be developed and distributed communally, virally, etc. instead of being developed by traditional companies.

    My impression is also that many view the term as somewhat empty marketing jargon.

  2. Scott — right, I don’t know what Web 3.0 is either. I was still busy trying to figure out what Web 2.0 was and now we’re on to 3.0. Given that, I suppose I should start on Web 4.0 and be a step ahead of everyone else when they get there! 😉

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