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Stunning Ignorance

Slate Pundit and law school graduate Mickey Kaus has just discovered Section 230 but he doesn’t think it “will hold up.”

4 thoughts on “Stunning Ignorance”

  1. Be fair – the counter-intuitive aspects of Section 230 tend to surprise people, and are not common knowledge outside of specialists. And he said:

    “But I find it difficult to believe that the broad web-site-protecting reading of Section 230 will hold up–it’s a mere statute, remember. Congress can amend it. Is Congress really going to let average citizens get libeled by blogs on the New York Times web site without being able to sue the New York Times?”

    That strikes me as reasonable, and no different from what many other people have said.

  2. In my travels in punditry, I am continually reminded of the weakness of “should have”.

    When it first passed into law, the practical effects were much less significant, and much more intuitive, than was eventually made of it.

    The problem with Section 230’s evolution is one of not knowing what you don’t know. Unless one follows this relatively specialized field, I can’t see the basis for calling it “stunning” ignorance.

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