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Madisonian Expands

Our list of contributors (column at left) has recently expanded by three colleagues who write and blog about IP and technology law.   From time to time you will see posts from the following:

Mike Carroll, now on the faculty at American University Washington College of Law, who also blogs on his own at Carrollogos.  Mike is a copyright and internet law scholar and one of the founders of Creative Commons.

Randy Picker, at the University of Chicago Law School, who also posts from time to time at the University of Chicago Faculty Blog.  Randy writes about intellectual property and antitrust policy.

Josh Sarnoff, Mike’s colleague at American University, who recently started blogging at InherentlySarnoff.  Josh specializes in patent law.

We’ve already got quite the range of subjects and perspectives on the blog, and the range just got broader.  Welcome to Mike, Randy, and Josh!