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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s Speech

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski’s recent remarks at the Brookings Institution — “Preserving a Free and Open Internet: A Platform for Innovation, Opportunity, and Prosperity” — call for the FCC to adopt network neutrality rules. It is a good speech — the webcast is here. He describes the Internet as “the most transformational communications breakthrough since the printing press.” I am tempted to pull out a few nice quotes, but it is better to go read the whole speech, which is pretty short.

Also, Jim Speta, Tim Wu and Chris Yoo have started a blog, Net Neutrality Rules, where they will discuss the FCC’s rulemaking proceeding. According to their first post:

This blog will follow and comment on the FCC’s rulemaking proceeding. We will offer initial observations on the Chairman’s speech (when the text is made available). In the coming weeks, before the speech becomes an FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, we will post a series of “backgrounders” on issues central to the coming proceeding – such as the FCC’s legal authority, technical aspects of net neutrality, the economics of net neutrality, and so on. Comments are open (although moderated); suggestions are welcome.

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