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Because Sometimes You Need a Little Mental Vacation

As a way to get ready for the Brazil Olympics and as a little throw back for hipsters and neo-hipsters, enjoy:

The Girl From Ipanema – Stan Getz

I urge folks to discover or re-discover, Jobim, Getz, and Gilberto. Great stuff to get into another world of jazz and far away lands while staying right where you are.

For those into pop culture history, the song has tended to be an elevator music favorite. That version loses the magic of the original. That being said, The Blues Brothers juxtaposed the elevator version, which played as the heroes went up to pay off the tax debt, with complete mayhem descending on Chicago city government in great way. Mr. and Mrs. Smith riffed on this scene as those heroes also heard the song in an elevator before a final standoff. That standoff is an ode of sorts to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid right down to a small shack for cover against horrible odds. One was made recently; one in the 1970s. Guess which one has the more poignant ending?

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