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Yesterday, while sitting in Toronto airport I had an hour or so to kill so I thought I’d take advantage of my new ear buds (Ann, they’re pink!) and plug into my netbook to watch some video on demand.  To my surprise – although I shouldn’t have been surprised being an IP prof – I discovered that none of my usual video on demand services (Netflix, Amazon) will work when I’m outside the U.S. because of agreements with the content owners.  This seemed a little weird.  If I had bought the DVDs in the U.S. and carried them with me to Canada to play on my laptop, they would have worked.  But using the same computer and service provider, I was unable to access any of the material outside the borders.  I understand that the content owners fear is that people will share their U.S. passwords outside the U.S. so that multiple people can access works at different places, but shouldn’t this be more a question of how MANY people can access a given work at the same time from the same password, rather than of WHERE one person tries to access the work?