6 thoughts on “The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Advisory Board is currently comprised of 19 men and 2 women. And 8 out of 10 members of EFF’s Board of Directors are also male. And all four of the EFF Fellows are fellows.

  1. And we don’t believe there are any minorities, either. We believe the same situation (at least as it concerns minorities) exists on Creative Commons’ advisory board & staff.

  2. perhaps you should ask executive director shari steele, legal director cindy cohn, and civil liberties director jennifer granick why their organization has such a deep fear of women in positions of authority.

  3. Or, I could ask them why they tolerate such gender imbalance at an ostensibly progressive organization. Or why people of color are excluded as well.

  4. Perhaps a simpler explanation is in order? Most computer people are male, there are very few female computer professionals much less exceptional female computer professionals who have time to be on a board.

  5. The vast majority of the people on EFF’s Advisory Board are attorneys, not computer professionals. Three of the four EFF “Fellows” are attorneys. There are no shortage of female attorneys with interests in technology law, to put it lightly.

    It is true that most of the men on the EFF Board of Directors are “technologists” in an industry that is legendary for being hostile to women. Whether they are all “exceptional” I cannot say. Some certainly are. But I could easily list dozens of highly exceptional women technologists, and I’m not even part of the field.

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