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Creative Commons Fund Drive

American University law professor and contributor Mike Carroll asked me to post a link to the annual fundraising drive for Creative Commons, where Mike has been a board member since its founding.  Happy to!

Here is Mike’s pitch.  To donate and to read more, click over to the Creative Commons site:

Dear Friends

I’m asking you to help support the work of Creative Commons.  As many of you know, I have served on the Board of this organization since its founding in 2002.  My primary motivation throughout these years has been to find ways to make it easy and understandable to legally share knowledge, creativity, and discovery.  I’m a lawyer and my way of contributing to this effort is to help the organization craft standardized legal licenses and technical tools designed for these purposes.  I hope that’s a goal you will support as well.

The organization is staffed by energetic, devoted folks who embrace the mission today with as much passion as when we launched.  That’s a hard thing for most non-profit organizations to say, and it speaks to the power of the fundamental idea that we can accomplish more by working together to build a shared culture than by working apart. Just this year, a number of CC’s initiatives have produced these results:

  • Wikipedia Officially Converts to CC BY-SA
  • Google and Yahoo integrate CC licensing
  • Ridley Scott to Use CC BY-SA for Blade Runner Web Series
  • Open Data and More — Getting Copyright Out of the Way With CC Zero
  • CC and the Public Sector
  • Creative Commons to Produce Open Patent Licenses — Nike, Best Buy, Yahoo!, and others to use
  • Marking and Finding Open Educational Resources