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ParetoCommons Joins the Blogosphere

Added to the blogroll and to my blog reader:  theParetoCommons, a new group blog about law, policy, and regulation.  According to one of the contributors, Duke’s Kim Krawiec, her colleague Lawrence Baxter “to combine the notion of Pareto efficiency and the complexity of regulating the commons in any industry (financial, environmental, communications, health care, etc.).”  In comments at Kim’s post, Lawrence adds:  “Basically, it seems to me that we have all become a little too entrenched into polarized positions on regulation, whereas regulation and markets seem to me to be locked in a delicate and shifting embrace in which the enterprise of trying to protect the commons while improving welfare and pursuing individual rights at the same time deserves more conversation.”

I elaborate only because that theme is entirely consistent with the recent Constructing Commons and therefore holds extra interest for me.

Welcome to the blogosphere!