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Can you Spell “Litigation”?

Those of us with small children may have noticed the recently filed lawsuit by the second actress to voice Dora the Explorer in the popular children’s television show – Caitlin Sanchez.  Hollywood Reporter story here.  After 3 years on the show, Sanchez was “fired” (although that doesn’t seem to be the basis of the claim) when her voice changed as she hit puberty.  The litigation itself seems to be based on unconscionable terms in the contract concerning royalty and residual payments, and on unconscionable conduct in the process of executing the contract.  Her lawyers claim she was given insufficient time to peruse the contract before signing it and that the contract was not submitted to a court for approval which is apparently common practice with contracts involving minors in Hollywood.  Anyone know anything else about this litigation and the likely outcome?  Any similar cases in the past?

1 thought on “Can you Spell “Litigation”?”

  1. I was looking around for the Complaint and didn’t see it. No expertise about child voice actors here. The only thought that came to mind was “Swiper, no swiping!”

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