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Have a Duck and a Smile

While I’m on a sports roll this morning, check out this quotation (NYT) from University of Oregon Ducks football coach Chip Kelly, after his team rolled over USC and took over the number 1 spot in the BCS rankings.  Oregon showed in one of college football”s hallowed venues what many have been reluctant to acknowledge: that Oregon is a step ahead of everyone else. The odd part is that no one is quite sure how it happened.

“It’s like the secret to Coke,” Oregon Coach Chip Kelly said. “We’re not telling anyone.”

At least no one has yet been wealthy, clever, and motivated enough to reverse engineer the process.  Or, is this a bit of misdirection by Coach Kelly?  It’s no secret that Oregon is one of the most lavishly funded football programs in the US, and it’s no secret that the team has awesome speed on the field.