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Fair Use Symposium Published in Journal of the Copyright Society

Last year I had the good fortune to be invited to participate in a paper symposium about fair use. The symposium was published late in 2010 as volume 57, no. 3 of the Journal of the Copyright Society, edited with extraordinary grace by a great team:  editors Stacey Dogan at Boston University and Jay Dougherty at Loyola Los Angeles, assisted by William Manz at St. John’s.

I’ve listed the table of contents of the symposium below. Because of the way that most of us find and read legal scholarship these days, it’s likely that many scholars interested in fair use, fair dealing, copyright exceptions and limitations, and related things will find some of these articles in isolation. The Copyright Society does not publish them on its website.  In fact, because SSRN actively discourages references to symposia in abstracts, readers who find the articles there will be shielded from the fact that they were published together. I’m told that all of the papers will make their way to Westlaw and to Lexis/Nexis, but they aren’t there yet, so far as I can tell. Some of them are up at SSRN. I have included hyperlinks to the ones that I could find.

This is quite a collection of authors and perspectives.  Thanks to all of the contributors for participating in a great project, and thanks to the editors for their hard work in seeing it through to publication.