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I was reading in Entertainment Weekly (yes, even IP profs have some downtime) about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s forthcoming comic book and cartoon series that he is working on with Stan Lee entitled “The Governator”.  Apparently, he thought the title was so cool when he first took office that he registered it as a TM with the thought of getting his cut from others’ use of the term and using it himself.  What I don’t know, though, is whether Schwarzenegger and his team actually used the mark themselves prior to commencing work on the comic and the cartoon.  I also don’t know whether he sued anyone else for their use of the term since he registered it in 2004 and before he used it himself.  Does anyone have any background to this?  Strikes me as an interesting potential “appropriation” by the ex-governor of a term coined by someone else that Schwarzenegger decided he should rightly own himself.

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  1. You do realise that it doesn’t count as ‘down time’ if you’re thinking about IP still, right…? 🙂

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