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Eva Gabrielsson, the girlfriend of the late Stieg Larsson (author of the popular Dragon Tattoo books) has just completed a memoir on her life with the author.  I was struck by the cover design of her book, at least the version to be released in the U.S.  It seems highly reminiscent of the cover designs of the Dragon Tattoo books.  Have a look …

4thlarssondragontattooNot knowing anything about what agreements Gabrielsson or her publishers might have with Larsson’s estate or his publishers – and I know there have been legal conflicts between Gabrielsson and Larsson’s estate – does this strike anyone as potentially a copyright infringement or a trade dress issue?

The designs are very similar and Larsson’s name is in stark black font on both books so one might easily think he is the author of the new book and that it is potentially the fourth book in his series.

Anyone have any background on this or any thoughts?