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Face to Face in Real Space, If the Airlines Permit

Despite the ubiquity of the Internet, people still do a lot of traveling in meet space, and we aren’t always happy about that. Today I ran across a list of The 19 Most Hated Companies in America. If you fly often, or at all actually, it will not surprise you to learn that four of them are airlines. American Airlines is Number 8, United Airlines is Number 7, US Airways is Number 6. And Delta Airlines is Number Two (baddump bum swish), making it both an airline over achiever and under achiever simultaneously. No surprise to me. I was just informed that a flight I booked weeks ago will arrive two hours later than originally scheduled when I chose that Delta flight, getting me into a strange city much later at night than I am comfortable with, in part because this will greatly inconvenience my host. But after several hours on the phone, Delta would not allow me to switch to another more convenient flight even though seats were available, not even after I offered a healthy dollop of my several hundred thousand frequent flier miles as an incentive. You can google “Delta Airlines Sucks” if you want to waste any more time reading complaints about Delta, but if you patronize this company you probably have plenty of horror stories in your own repertoire. Still hoping personal jet packs will make the airlines obsolete someday!

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