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New in Law School Publications from Sweet & Maxwell

Law of Horses 5ed coverHot off the presses and ready for use in your classes this fall, it’s Oliphant and Lloyd’s The Law of Horses, Including the Law of Innkeepers, Veterinary Surgeons, etc., and of Hunting, Racing, Wagers & Gaming, 5th ed.

Chapters include:

  • Contracts Concerning Horses
  • Horsedealers, Repositories and Auctions
  • Horse Stealing, and the Recovery of Stolen Horses
  • What Diseases or Bad Habits Constitute Unsoundness or Vice
  • Fraudulent Contracts
  • Pleading, Evidence and Damages
  • Innkeepers, Veterinary Surgeons, Farriers, Horse-Breakers, Trainers, etc.
  • Livery-Stable Keepers, Agisters, and the Hiring and Borrowing of Horses
  • Carrying Horses
  • Negligence in the Use of Horses
  • Racing, Wagers, and Gaming

From the Preface to the First Edition:

The object of the present Treatise is to lay before the profession and the public, in as short and convenient a form as possible, the Law of Contracts concerning Horses, whether it be in buying, selling, hiring, or in any other manner dealing with them; to ascertain the liabilities incurred by parties either on “the road,” through negligent driving, or in “the field,” by riding over the lands of another; also to explain the present state of the law with regard to Racing, Wagers, and Gaming, in connection with the recent alterations effected by the Act of Victoria. The Appendix contains some very late cases, a few important Statutes, and other information which may be found useful for general reference. An attempt has been made, by a judicious division of marginal notes, to make the text as accessible as possible.

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  1. This is ridiculous Bruce — all these new-fangled books about the “law of the horse” make about as much sense as those old books on the “law of the Internet” — Oliphant and Lloyd need to focus on true legal questions and leave the complex factual matters of horse technology to the farriers and agisters!

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