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Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources

I am excited to announce that Oxford University Press has published my book, Infrastructure: The Social Value of Shared Resources. I owe a huge debt to my Madisonian colleagues for their support along the way. I will post more about the book in the next few weeks, but here are some links and a short abstract:

The book is described here (OUP site) and here (Amazon). The Introduction and Table of Contents are available here.

Short abstract:

“Infrastructure resources are at the center of many contentious public policy debates, ranging from what to do about our crumbling roads and bridges, to whether and how to protect of our natural environment, to patent law reform, to electromagnetic spectrum allocation, to providing universal health care, to energy policy, to network neutrality regulation and the future of the Internet. Each involves a battle to control infrastructure resources, set the terms and conditions under which the public gets access, and determine how the infrastructure and various infrastructure-dependent systems evolve over time. This book advances strong economic arguments for managing and sustaining infrastructure resources as commons. The book identifies resource valuation and attendant management problems that recur across many different fields and many different resource types, and it develops a functional economic approach to understanding and analyzing these problems and potential solutions.”

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