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Bear Market

It seems fitting, in this Presidential election year, that we should update a classic line from the 1984 Reagan campaign — “There’s a bear in the woods.”

Today, we say:  There’s a bear in the mall.

A black bear was spotted inside a Sears store in suburban Pittsburgh yesterday.  Wildlife conservation officials trapped and tranquilized the bear between the automatic entrance/exit doors. The bear had been spent time earlier in the day (shopping? browsing?  trying on board shorts?) inside a nearby Walmart and a J.C Penney.  The full story comes from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with IP, the Internet, technology policy, innovation, legal education, or any of the other things that occasionally find their way into the blog.  Readers may, of course, draw their own literal and metaphorical inferences.  Or at least supply their own punch lines.  Whatever bears are known to do in the woods, they now are doing something in the stores.