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Governing Algorithms Conference Videos

I’m very happy to see the videos are up from the Governing Algos conference. Anyone interested in Turnitin should take a look at Introna’s talk. Tal Zarsky and Moritz Hardt were also kind enough to respond to my take on finance algos. It was a great conference and I’m glad to see it memorialized in this way.

2 thoughts on “Governing Algorithms Conference Videos”

  1. Frank, are there mp3s? I find I can listen to an mp3 while jogging or driving, but can rarely find time to sit down and watch a conference video. I think it’s a shame (for me personally!) that many conferences post videos w/o audios.

  2. Very true, Greg…I’m in the same boat…I’ve listened to so many Harvard Berkman, LSE, Hearsay Culture things thanks to the MP3s. I’ll write to Ziewitz and Hood and Barocas, the organizers.

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