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This One Goes to 11

Just about 11 years ago, on August 30, 2004 to be precise, I launched this blog.  Blog authorship has expanded and shrunk since then; posting frequency has increased and decreased; the blog’s scope has expanded – and expanded some more; I’ve cycled through a lot of templates and designs.  The most recent design update leaves the blog with (still) a pretty primitive appearance, but most of the readership today accesses the posts through Twitter and Facebook.  Cosmetics don’t matter so much, I think.

But, interestingly, I haven’t put the blog (and its readers) out of its misery.  (During my tenure here, I’ve created, supported, and eventually put to bed two other blogs.  At one point I was maintaining and posting to five blogs in all, concurrently.) chugs on.  There is more to say, and there is some that was said before that needs to be revived, renewed, and said again.  The Internet is great at remembering things, for better or worse.  People often aren’t.