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P2P Books and More

Do Google’s new Google Print technology, and Amazon’s Search Inside the Book service herald the coming demise of the codex?
I’m thinking primarily not of e-books, electronic services like Safari, and P2P and other Net-based trading of ripped copies of books. I’m thinking about the effect of things like Google Print and Amazon on our collective, social understanding of what a book actually is. The recording industry has experienced this in a small way, with the demise of the record album as an art form in itself and the return of the single. Along with MTV and other economic issues, P2P has had much to do with this. But the record album is a relatively recent innovation; its demise will not be missed much, or for long. It may be back in some way, or not. Money will be made and lost, but outside a relatively narrow circle, few people will or should care much.
Books, though, have been around for centuries. The form of the codex has been central to learning and discovery in Western civilization. Anarchy in the library may not be an unalloyed good thing. Look ahead 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. Google Print – style technologies will undoubtedly be far more advanced. Will we still be using books as we have used them until today?