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Law School Survival Tips — Part III

Our classes start Monday.

Things to do religiously, at least during the first month or so of the new semester. After that, you can sort out what works well for you, and what doesn’t:

Do. the. reading. every. day.
Brief. the. cases. every. day.
Talk. regularly. with. classmates. about. the. material. every. day.
If. you. have. a. question. for. the. professor. then. try. to. work. out. your. best. answer. yourself. ahead. of. time.

And most important:

Take. a. break. from. law. every. day.

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2 thoughts on “Law School Survival Tips — Part III”

  1. I wanted to whole-heartedly concur with regards to discussing the material with classmates and taking a break from law every day.

    I understood everything in my classes so much better after even a casual conversation about a case or a doctrine with some of my classmates. Everyone seems to come away with a slightly different perspective on an area of study – and engaging in a simple ‘back and forth’ with a friend, comparing ‘mental’ notes, really helps to flush out and clear up issues of ambiguity.

    Further, without “Take[ing]. a. break. from. law. every. day.” you become a complete basket-case and you totally lose sight of the realty. Law School can and should be fun.

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