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Voice of the Ages

I grew up watching Pac-8 football, so I’ll be rooting for USC in tomorrow night’s Rose Bowl. But my real reason for watching will be to hear what may be the last college football play-by-play call by the game’s greatest announcer: Keith Jackson. Whoa, Nellie!

2 thoughts on “Voice of the Ages”

  1. Shame on You, Michael!

    How can you cheer on those spoiled rich kids at USC? That team is the most overrated in football history. They could not even beat Cal two years back and this year they lost to ND (although no one wanted to call the winning TD illegal). Besides, every year (especially this one) USC plays a weak schedule.

    Fortunately, USC has no chance this time.

    The Mighty Texas Longhorns will restore order and justice to the West.

    The Eyes of Texas are Upon You!

  2. I was a Stanford fan before I was born, so it pains me a little to line up with ‘SC. But West Coast is West Coast. Nothing against Texas; that was a hell of a beating that the Longhorns put on Colorado. Too bad, though, that it provided the cover for CU’s firing Gary Barnett.

    No chance? Have to disagree there. (Notre Dame was the most overrated team this year, not SC, and last time I looked, Cal had finally put together a pretty decent program. Leinart and Bush are for real.) But it won’t be offensive fireworks that win this one. Let the better defense pull it out. As my man Keith Jackson said the other day, it’ll be decided “in the mud and the blood.”

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