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Sugar, No Spice

It’s Easter. That can mean only one thing: Peeps. And stories about Peeps. (Okay, I guess it’s two things.)

For today’s New York Times take on the humble Peep, we have this tidbit.

Of course, the best web resource about Peeps, other than the official Peep site, is the Peep Research site.

(Legal theory it ain’t. And this is the stuff that distracts me at semester’s end.)

1 thought on “Sugar, No Spice”

  1. I heart peeps too! One of the best sermons I’ve seen was based on peeps. (long story…basically the priest said that he felt sick if he ate all the peeps he got for Easter, and we get spiritually sick if we don’t give to charity…a bit saccharine, but it worked for a children’s service!)

    So I do not concur with those who see the all-pervasive Peep as a sinister bellwether of secularization.

    Did you happen to see the CNN story on peeps? hilarious…they even put one in a researcher’s vacuum and it shrunk to be peepissimo.

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