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What Do You Wish You Had Written?

Jim Chen poses an excellent interview question:

Is there a book or law review article you wish you had written? Do explain why.

Paul Horwitz has an answer. Here’s mine: Robert K. Merton, On the Shoulders of Giants. And: because it’s erudite, and witty, and sharp, and heavy, and light, all at the same time, and it says something interesting and significant (actually, more than one thing) about the world we live in. And (there’s more!) Merton had the discipline to compose it over, what, how many years?

Oops! Jim, does the answer have to be clearly law-related? Or, if I’ve responded in a nondisqualifying way, have I revealed useful information?

What’s yours?

1 thought on “What Do You Wish You Had Written?”

  1. I like this better as a blog query than an interview question!

    For those who want some immediate merton gratification, look here.

    My answer would probably be Robert Frank’s Choosing the Right Pond, because it anticipates by about 20 years the concerns about positional goods and justice that are bound to loom large in politics and law in coming years.

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