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Law Teaching Slideware Question

A request for assistance:

Can you point me to articles and essays available online, and/or slide (or other a/v) presentations available online, that describe and illustrate the best uses of technology for the professional school classroom? I’m particularly interested in examples that avoid bullet-points and cutesy-poo stock graphics, and examples that avoid lots of text. Slide shows that consist largely of outlines and annotated statutes may be useful for students when they’re reviewing materials after class is over, but I’m skeptical that they’re truly helpful during class itself. (Handouts are great, or everyone can simply look at the book.) What I’m trying to do is identify a contemporary sense of best practices for what goes on inside the classroom.

I’m also interested in student reactions. There are slides to suit every taste, and different learning styles react differently to different material. Even given those assumptions, what kinds of a/v get your mind engaged during class? Get you emotionally connected to the discussion (that is, the material in class doesn’t just get you thinking; it gets you caring)? And what puts you to sleep?

Email me at madison [at] law [dot] pitt [dot] edu, or leave a Comment. If I get interesting stuff, I’ll summarize and link to it in a later post.

Many thanks.

3 thoughts on “Law Teaching Slideware Question”

  1. Thanks. Yes, I’ve read through a lot of Presentation Zen. I’ve had difficulty figuring out whether/how PZ can/should be adapted for the classroom.

  2. Mike,

    Check out anything that Tom Peters ( puts into a powerpoint presentation. He ONLY tends to use 1 BIG IDEA per slide (very little text). Seth Godin ( & others (experts in this space)have similar approaches. Can’t see why this would not work in a law classroom but some experimentation is definitely required!

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