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My Talk at GWU

I gave a talk today at George Washington University Law School on a work in progress currently titled “Information Form and Flow.” Rebecca Tushnet was there and liveblogged the talk. Thanks, Rebecca!

I tend to give “early stage” talks, and this talk was no exception. I like the feedback and the conversation, even if my presentation is a little more rough around the edges than some people are used to. Here, I’m especially interested in feedback for two reasons. One, the paper is something of a synthesis of several earlier articles that I’ve written on copyright, the Internet, and metaphor. (Fortunately for those who are familiar with my work, I’m committed to making this one relatively short!) I’m trying to figure out whether my separate mid-range arguments add up to a more comprehensive argument. Two, the paper complements the project that Brett Frischmann, Joe Miller, and I have cooking on “IP Pools.” The “Pooling” paper is designed to be more concrete and to support further, relatively concrete research. The IFF paper is designed to be more abstract and theoretical. That, at least, is my working premise. I’m trying to figure out whether I’m right.

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