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Pardon the Dust is undergoing a little housecleaning while we transition from a 2-column format to a 3-column format. Please pardon the dust! Content should continue without interruption.

UPDATE (12/12):  Done!  If you have suggestions or comments on the new look, share in the comments.  Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Pardon the Dust”

  1. Nice change — much more open. Much cleaner. Feels almost Google.

    Two comments.

    1) The double right column layout. I’ve never seen it really seem natural, but it feels okay here. I could see one of the columns shifted back left, but perhaps I’m just being reactionary.

    2) Where’s the old photo of the three of you? Some images would add more presence. Perhaps the banner? Even Google has it’s logo and holiday variants to serve the right side of the brain.

  2. The photo is under the “About” tab in the banner.

    Adding more graphic interest, especially to the banner, would be great. Volunteers are welcome!

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