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Things I’d Like for the New Year, Part One

Besides world peace, and an end to public frothing over whether beauty queens should or should not be “fired” . . . .

I’ll start small: 

The web could use a website that aggregates blog and news feeds from law schools. 

The producers of the Current Index to Legal Periodicals could find a way to make the service free and available to all, online.

And an end to law review manuscripts that include some form of the phrase “this is the first law review article to . . .” in the Introduction.  Just rubs me the wrong way.


In a Comment, John Mayer points to  The site aggregates news releases.  Close but no cigar.  The first two feeds I look for (the University of Virginia School of Law’s RSS feed, and the Faculty News RSS feed that I supply from Pittsburgh) are both missing.  So I’d still like a site that aggregates law school feeds — all law school feeds — for the New Year.

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