The Wired Redesign: A Review

Wired magazine, which I read solely to find links to what people much cooler than me are working on, recently introduced another redesign.  I hate it.  The magazine is all but unreadable.  As it was in the beginning.  Should I keep the subscription, hoping that what goes around comes around and that Wired designers will eventually (and again) come to their senses?  Or should I finally acknowledge that I will never, ever, be that hip?

4 thoughts on “The Wired Redesign: A Review

  1. It is a Conde Nast publications (Vogue, GQ). I always thought the lack of readability and the “we’re so much cooler than anyone reading this” was consistent with the Fashion Mag ethos: a feature, not a bug. 🙂

  2. I can’t believe you still subscribe! It feels like I dropped my subscription a decade ago (OK, it was probably only 6-7 years ago). Eric.

  3. There’s inertia, of course. Also, you (Eric) are much closer to the Bay Area — the Fountain of Technological Hip — than I am, and you were even when you didn’t live there!

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