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Faculty Blogs, at Pitt and Beyond

In a shameless bid for attention, I recently redesigned the Pitt Law School Faculty Blog.  Unlike some faculty blogs, this one has one author – me – and consists of notes and references on writing and presenting and commenting by my faculty colleagues.  Take a look at

Faculty blogs at law schools are a growth industry.  Most of them (though not all) are group blogs by faculty at a particular institution; a few (like Pitt’s) are news-about-the-institution.  Some seem to blend both styles.  I’ve collected links to the ones that I’m aware of.  In no particular order:

1 thought on “Faculty Blogs, at Pitt and Beyond”

  1. I like the redesign. Although a nice add might be tagging posts about/by different professors and other faculty with their names, so people can just browse those tags if they want to. Furthermore, faculty could link to those tags from their own pages if they want.

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