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US News v. Leiter v. Google: Ranking Law Schools

I’ll go out and a limb and say that as Research Dean at Pitt, I think that Paul Caron’s “Google Rank” list of U.S. law schools is more than a curiosity.  Is it too much of a stretch to suggest that a school’s Google Rank is one very crude measure of the impact that its faculty, students, and alumni are having?

Here’s the list.

Harvard, Yale, and Stanford occupy the top three spots.  In a modest surprise, the University of North Dakota School of Law pops up at number 11.  (By linking to UND, do I help keep the school aloft?)  Perhaps UND has a remarkable impact in the Peace Garden State.

Updated 11/07/07:  Al Brophy suggests running this search in Google:  “”law school” OR “school of law” OR “college of law” OR “law center””

Georgia State floats to number 4!

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