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Life Imitating Art, I

“Here, there be dragons” has long served as a metaphor for the unknown. An unfortunate Indonesian fisherman recently discovered that sometimes, there really are dragons.

Slaying Komodo dragons may be a bad idea, but slaying their metaphorical brethren is a different matter.  But you have to find someone willing to do the dirty work, in life as in art.

Dragon slayer of the moment:  Michigan law professor Susan Crawford, who will be appointed “special assistant to the president for science, technology, and innovation policy” in the Obama White House, according to the National Journal’s Tech Daily DoseShe once blogged:  “Surely a high-priority item for any new President will be looking hard at public long-term infrastructure investment – not just open-access municipal fiber (although that’s central), but also basic research, graduate education in the sciences, anything that will help us address an increasingly hot, flat, and crowded world with new ideas.”  Congrats to her and to the White House for an excellent pick!  And good luck with the dragons.

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