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Facebook CPO for CA AG 2.0?

The post title isn’t a cryptic Star Wars reference.  Instead, what do we think of the following?

Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly is thinking of running for Attorney General of California in 2010, when Jerry Brown’s term expires.  (The former Governor Moonbeam is again aiming for California’s highest office.)  He has a website up, and, of course, there is a Facebook group for supporters.  CNET reported the news a few days ago, and followed up with a feature last Friday.

I’ve known Chris since the mid-1990s, when he was a summer associate at my firm and the Internet in the office meant email on PCs running MS-DOS.  Like many people with a passion for politics, his long term goals were pretty clear even then.  The elections of 2010 are a long way off, but I wouldn’t bet against Chris if he decides to make a serious run. 

If he’s elected, would Chris Kelly be the first public official 2.0?  Seriously, is it time for one of the highest profile AG’s offices in the country to be occupied by someone who comes from policy and techworld?

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