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Pittsburgh Reels as Women Suffer

The Pittsburgh region is reeling this week after three women were murdered and nine others wounded in a mass shooting at a suburban LA Fitness facility by a man who is being described by local media as someone whose self-professed hatred of women resulted from isolation that can be traced to … wait for it … the Internet.

As I wrote on my local blog this morning, the truth here is that this was an act of violence against women everywhere.

The Women and Girls Foundation, local elected officials, the National Organization of Women, National Council of Jewish Women, and Pittsburghers Against Domestic Violence didn’t need me to say that. They know. They have already mobilized in support of a candlelight vigil for the victims and their families that will take place tonight (Thursday, August 6) in Downtown Pittsburgh.

It is doubtful, unfortunately, that the vigil and its message will attract the coverage that followed the shooting itself, or that the violence-against-women narrative will displace the isolated-loner-gunman-and-the-innocent-victims narrative.

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