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Copyright Law and the Importance of User Rights

I’ve just enjoyed reading John Tehranian’s article:  Parchment, Pixels, & Personhood:  User Rights and the IP (Identity Politics) of IP (Intellectual Property), 82 Colorado L Rev 1 (2011).  SSRN copy available here.  It is a very comprehensive look at the various aspects of copyright law that interfere with the ability of users to enjoy works for important reasons relating to self-identity and self-expression and is apparently based to some extent on Tehranian’s recently published book, Infringement Nation:  Copyright 2.0 and You (OUP, 2011).  I think I’ll be reading the book with interest.  The article (or book) would presumably be useful additions to a syllabus for a copyright seminar, particularly one that focuses on balance of rights and interests in copyright works. And I don’t know why this post is all in italics – obviously having some computer glitches today!

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