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24 Hours of Flickr Photos

This is an interesting story on a gallery exhibition of “24 hours of photos uploaded to Flickr.” It reminds me a bit of the Bright Eyes album “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn,” but in reverse: the very act of printing them all out seems to turn the creative efforts of millions into a trash heap. It make physical gallery space seem like a mausoleum, where expression goes to be entombed rather than celebrated.

2 thoughts on “24 Hours of Flickr Photos”

  1. For me, it speaks volumes about copyright and cultural creativity. Who would ever have the time to review a fraction of those photos? Who chooses the few images that make it into the spotlight? Does it make any sense for the law, by default, to prohibit the copying of the work of all those amateur photographers for over 100 years?

  2. Totally agreed, Greg. I think I should have used my “Copyright in an Age of Info Overload” article to talk about a lot more than the fair use doctrine!

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