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Cosmology Update

Once upon a time, I was publishing or contributing to five blogs at the same time:, Pittsblog (about arts, tech, and economic development in Pittsburgh), Blog-Lebo (goings on in my Pittsburgh suburb), a faculty blog for the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (something I started and wrote when I was the Research Dean), and a blog-formatted calendar of academic conferences in IP and IT.  I closed out Pittsblog just the other day, after eight years there.  I bowed out of Blog-Lebo about two years ago (that blog continues, with different authors).  When I stepped down from the Research Dean position, the school buried the Pitt Law faculty blog in the bowels of the school’s website. and the IP conferences blog survive.

With all of my new spare time, I’m directing some of my excess social media capacity to Twitter, 140 characters at a time.  You can find me (and all posts) at @profmadison.  That channel will also carry some things that would otherwise go to Pittsblog (Pittsburgh arts, tech, entrepreneurship, the alleged Pittsburgh “renaissance” or post-industrial recovery) and some things that, in my previously divided social media life, I couldn’t or didn’t want to post.

Other madisonians preceded me into the Twitterverse:

Frank Pasquale is @FrankPasquale

Greg Lastowka is @greglas

Ann Bartow is @profabartow

Rob Heverly is @robheverly

Former madisonian Randy Picker is @randypicker