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An Internet Justice League

At least two groups of would-be superheroes to protect the Internet from future SOPA/PIPA legislation have emerged.  (Apologies if I’m late to this development.)

One – The Internet Defense League.

Two – The Alliance for Internet Freedom.

Whatever you think of these on the merits, they share at least one interesting rhetorical feature:  an appeal to a weirdly blended superhero sensibility about the purported good guy / bad guy dynamic playing out in debates over IP.  I’m really unclear on the message here.   Supposedly these are the good guys – but the messaging blends DC Comics (“bat signal”) / Marvel (“Justice League”) / [corrected per Seth’s comments] Pixar (“The Incredibles” – note the comic characters at the AIF site) sensibilities that reads more “we’re hip and ironic and pop culturish” than persuasive.  If I have my bearings right, we have more or less equal parts Dark Vigilante-ism in the Public Interest, Because Public Authorities Have Exhausted Their Powers; Truth, Justice, and the American (anti-Communist) Way; and Pixar’s “All of that stuff about the Public Interest and the American Way is just silly; really, let’s celebrate our own unearned but extraordinary talent.”  I’ll wrap it up in a bloggishly flip way:  These are the Three Faces of Steve Jobs.  This is “protecting” the open Internet?  As I said:  weird.