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Let’s Sway While Color Lights Up Your Face

I was sorting pictures from a trip to Hawaii. The phrase “Let’s sway while color lights up your face” popped into my head. I happened upon this rather cool live version of David Bowie doing Let’s Dance. I had to share. For those old enough to remember the release, walk down amnesia lane. For those who don’t know Bowie, well I suggest you may wish to start your acquaintance.

TIP: The song starts about 1:50 into the video but some of Bowie’s comments on lip synching up to that point are funny.

1 thought on “Let’s Sway While Color Lights Up Your Face”

  1. Deven, this sent me on a 30 minute Bowie YouTube odyssey… thanks. Way back in high school I listened to so much that I haven’t listened to much since, but he really is a brilliant — and surprisingly amicable — artist.

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