Let’s Sway While Color Lights Up Your Face

I was sorting pictures from a trip to Hawaii. The phrase “Let’s sway while color lights up your face” popped into my head. I happened upon this rather cool live version of David Bowie doing Let’s Dance. I had to share. For those old enough to remember the release, walk down amnesia lane. For those who don’t know Bowie, well I suggest you may wish to start your acquaintance.

TIP: The song starts about 1:50 into the video but some of Bowie’s comments on lip synching up to that point are funny.

One thought on “Let’s Sway While Color Lights Up Your Face

  1. Deven, this sent me on a 30 minute Bowie YouTube odyssey… thanks. Way back in high school I listened to so much that I haven’t listened to much since, but he really is a brilliant — and surprisingly amicable — artist.

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