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Purebred – Things

When it comes to last Sunday’s NYT coverage of “designer dogs” (labradoodle = labrador crossed with poodle, for example), I do indeed have a dog in that fight.  My family shares a house with a well-loved, brilliant three-year-old poodle named Lizzie, after Elizabeth Bennet.  A neighbor of ours, who shares a house with a relative of Lizzie, looks at the labradoodle in the neighborhood and says:  “Dumbing down the breed.”

The debate reminds me of the allegedly dilutive effect of unauthorized sequels to popular novels and films.  Does a world of labradoodles betray an externality that causes market failure and an underproduction (or underappreciation) of poodles?  Will dog shows have less popular traction if “mongrel” breeds proliferate?  I don’t see it; if anything, as my neighbor’s comment suggests, the proliferation of varieties of “thing” seems to enhance the value of the original.  Why aren’t AKC breeders celebrating, not battling, designer dogs?