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“Constructing Commons” Published in Cornell Law Review

It’s out:  “Constructing Commons in the Cultural Environment,” co-authored by me, Brett Frischmann, and Kathy Strandburg, is now available in its final version via the Cornell Law Review website.  (H/T:  CoOp.)   The final version is also up at SSRN.   A long-ish abstract will be published very soon at the Legal Workshop.

Issue 4 is devoted entirely to this article and reactions to it.  We three are extremely grateful not only to the editors at Cornell for agreeing to do that and for their patient editorial support, but also to a group of fantastic scholars who wrote comments on “Constructing Commons.”  They are Thrainn Eggertsson, Wendy Gordon, Gregg Macey, Rob Merges, Larry Solum, and Elinor Ostrom.  Brett, Kathy, and I published a very brief reply to those comments.

The article, comments, and reply are initial parts of what we hope will be a long and productive conversation about commons institutions beyond the natural resource environment.  Comments are always welcome!

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